Friday, April 8, 2011

Stars, Stars, more Stars, and some sports...for our little ALL-STAR

My best friend from high school, Tajuana (I have five BFFs total), had her FIRST BABY in October! And it’s a BOY! I know I am late blogging this, but better late than never. I called Tajuana and asked her, “So chick, what is your theme and colors.“ She goes off on this tangent of All-Star sports but not really sports, but more stars and some sports, as in the Dallas Cowboys, but not really Dallas Cowboys. So, I’m thinking…..Ummmm Okay! After a twenty minute discussion on her theme, she advised me that her husband had recently painted the nursery. I'm thinking, now we are getting somewhere! Baby Trent’s room has been painted khaki, navy, and light blue.

So without her knowing what I was really up to, I started thinking of some creative ways to bring together stars and sports, but not really sports, but not really stars, and some Dallas Cowboys, but not really! LOL! As I created the invitation design over several weeks, leaving it and coming back to it, leaving it and coming back to it, I decided to leave the sports out and concentrate on the stars in different shades and sizes. Over the last ten years, I have grown to love Tajuana and if I don’t know anything else I know that she wanted to keep things SIMPLE but CUTE.

After a few samples, I decided on this one!

A single layered Quartz metallic cardstock with STARS!...adoring the colors of khaki, navy, and powder blue. The invitation was mailed in metallic khaki envelopes that included two navy stars surrounding the return address. Something extremely simple and cute for my best friend’s little All-Star…with SOME stars and SOME sports !

Designing Memories with Style, Tracy

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